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README for Lab::Measurement

Lab::Measurement allows to perform test and measurement tasks with Perl scripts. It
provides an interface to several instrumentation control backends, as e.g. LinuxGPIB or
National Instruments' NI-VISA library. Dedicated instrument driver classes relieve the
user from taking care 



=encoding utf-8

=head1 Initial release of Lab::Measurement

This section gives an overview of the most important points when you port
a measurement script from the old (i.e., pre-2.9 or distributed under the name Lab::VISA)
C<Lab::Instrument> and C<Lab::Tools> distribution to C<Lab::Measurement>.

=head2 Lab::Instrument classes


=item * 
The abbreviated way of specifying a GPIB board


* Test multisource behaviour

* Test connection for IsoBus (via VISA, GPIB, RS232)

* Move more functions into Multimeter class

* Document interfaces of Bus, Connection, Instrument

* Complete documentation everywhere

* Fix UTF-8 behaviour of pdf documentation

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