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Differences between version 4 and version 5.

- Master map is now read and parsed by the `automount' daemon
  - the parameters for the `automount' daemon are now very different.
    See automount(8).

- The master map default is "auto.master" and nsswitch is used to
  locate it. The line "+auto.master" has been added to the default
  installed "/etc/auto.master" to ensu


-*- text -*-

autofs is a kernel-based automounter for Linux.  It performs a job
similar to amd(8) but relies on a small stub of kernel code instead of
pretending to be an NFS server.  The result is simpler code, better
reliability, and much faster operation in the common case (everything
already mounted.)

An AMD/AutoFS HOWTO is available at:


The problem

The initial release of autofs version 5 used the "umount -l" (lazy
umount) to clear stale mounts at startup so that new mounts could
be made with a clean slate. This proved to be a bad choice because
the lazy umount removes the mount from the kernel mount tree. While
the mount itself persists (invisibe to further VFS lookups) until
the mount isn't busy anymore the kernel 


Fri Jan 21 17:31:43 GMT 2000
Toby Jaffey <>
Added modules/mount_changer.c

I have an NE


Hi all,

Below is the contents of a mail from Mike Fleetwood which describes how
he managed to get 


Supported forms for mount paths are:

Normal single-host (these are unchanged)
<path> host:/path/pat


The functionality of converting map options to smbmnt arguments is now
handled by /bin/mount.smbfs, 


28/06/2011 autofs-5.0.6
- fix included map read fail handling.
- refactor ld

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