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In this file:

* What it is
* Common Mistakes
* Debugging
* More Info

What it is

* dragonplayer: Video Player is a very simple Phonon-based media player.
* kmix: the audio mixer as a standalone program and Kicker applet
* kscd: A CD player with an interface to the internet CDDB database

The following are libraries and plugins that are building the core
infrastructure of above applica


  Dragon Player is a very simple Phonon-based media player. It was originally 
  developed by Max Howell and called Codeine. I ported it to KDE 4.0 and on 
  Max's suggestion renamed it to Video Player (probably, I might still
  rename it.)  

  Similar to Max, I make the following promises:

    * I will not add any substantial features after version 2.0.0
    * After then, improveme


FFmpegthumbnailer is a lightweight video thumbnailer that can be used by file
managers to create thumbnails for your video files. The thumbnailer uses ffmpeg
o decode frames from the video files, so supported videoformats depend on the
configuration flags of ffmpeg.

This thumbnailer was designed to be as fast and lightweight as possible. The
only dependencies are ffmpeglibraies and libswscale .


Contains localizations for the WhatsThis help for the soundcard controls.

This is not yet integrate


KSCD 1.2.3

        * Fixed DOCKING!

Basically, this version finishes a whole lot more t


How To Create Your Own Skin

There is 2 main steps to create an KsCD skin:
1 - Draw the 'default' K


$Id: README 211917 2003-03-06 21:46:03Z kernalex $

This directory contains the WorkMan library.



MPlayerThumbs is a thumbnail generator for all KDE file managers (konqueror, dolphin, ...)
It needs 

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