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#define S(x, y)  y##x

Please contact S(, wt@mid) and before doing
any commits on this module.

This is the libX11 from XFree86.

The goal of this project are (1) to get libX11 out of the huge
XF86 hunk of code, (2) to make it buildable with autotools, and
(3) keep the ability to easily merge bug fixes from libX11 in
XF86 into this code, (4) make it possible for peopl



The files in this directory are taken from the libiconv-1.1 package.

The *.h files were generated from tables (mostly from using
the programs '8bit_tab_to_h.c' and 'cjk_tab_to_h.c'. On some of them, further
optimizations were applied by hand.

If you find a bug in these files, instead of modifying them in XFree86
and let it diverge from libiconv, please notify the libi


Version 1.1.2 - 2007-06-03

* Security fixes:
  * Fix CVE-2007-1667: Multiple integer overflows in the XGetPixel() and
    XInitImage() functions.
  * Bug #9279: Fixed a file descriptor leak.

* Xlib/XCB: Ensure _XReadEvents reads at least one new event and blocks for
  exactly one event.  Large performance improvement for XIfEvent and similar.

* Hold XCB's Xlib lock even when only the user lock 


commit 65f0ab5d46d80d55fc04d4eb14fa05f130eb8b9c
Author: Jamey Sharp <>
Date:   Sun 


Once upon a midnight hour, long ago, in a galaxy, far, far, away, Xlib
was originally developed by J


This notice applies to the files in this directory. They are taken from
the libiconv-1.1 package, wh



                             The XFree86 Project


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