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 Monica is a monitor calibration tool using the FLTK library.
 It works as frontend to xgamma to alter the gamma correction
 for XFree86 or Xorg. The black point, gray and color blocks 
 help to find usable settings for a target of 2.2 gamma, the 
 Web and sRGB standard. FLTK libs are NOT needed for binary. 
 License is BSD revised (without the advertising BS of the 

 The grey box wit


Sunday, 06/01/2008  Paul Sherman

    Patch by Philip Heuer:
    This patch fixes several compilation issues with 
    gcc v4.3. Two additional include statements were
    required, and the exit() calls needed to be changed 
    to __builtin_exit(). This patch also fixes several 
    deprecation warnings.

2005/09/09  Paul Sherman

  accounted for Slackware's inittab value of 4
  for graphical lo


2008-06-01  Paul Sherman <>
	+ version 3.7
	+ Philip Heuer's patch, makes compatible with gcc-4.3 build
	+ and eliminates several deprecation warnings. 
	+ Also tweaked text in info/license display to wrap.

2007-04-21  Paul Sherman <>
	+ version 3.6
	+ Bug fix. Don't atempt to close inittab file if not found.

2006-11-16  Paul Sherman <psherma1@roche


Tilo Riemer <> (versions to 1.11)
Paul Sherman <> (version 2.

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