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Package version:0.4bp1
Distribution:OpenBSD 4.9


angst - an active sniffer
by Patroklos Argyroudis <>

[ Introduction ]

Angst is an active sniffer, based on libpcap and libnet.  Angst provides
methods for aggressive sniffing on switched local area network environments.
It dumps the payload of all the TCP packets received on the specified ports.
Moreover, it implements methods for active sniffing.  Angst currently provides
two active 


Version 0.4b (20010208)

- Performed a lot of testing on all supported platforms.

- Added the -d switch, useful when you want to enable IP forwarding yourself,
  and not let angst to do it for you.

- Added the -e switch to specify other ports to monitor than the default ones.

- Linux support, only tested on Slackware Linux 7.1.

- Added a function for enabling IP forward

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