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Tools for declaring and initializing options

The Custom Library is intended for use by emacs lisp programmers who want to make their emacs packages easily customizable. It allows the programmer to

declare the type for each user option, i.e. specify the set of legal values for each variable,

specify and initialize the faces used by the package, and

organize the user options into groups and hierarchies.

The user will then be able to customize the user options through a helpful structured interface that resembles the property editor in modern GUI programs.

Package version:1.9962-1


custom (1.9962-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * Initial Debianization.

 -- Michael Alan Dorman <>  Sun, 02 Aug 1998 12:27:41 -0500

Local variables:
mode: debian-changelog
user-mail-address: ""


1998-03-04  Per Abrahamsen  <>

	* Version 1.9962 released.

1998-02-27  Dave Love  <>

	* wid-edit.el (widget-url-link-action): Call browse-url to sort
	out browser function.  Don't require browse-url.
	(browse-url): Maybe define.

1997-12-09  Per Abrahamsen  <>

	* cus-edit.el (custom-unlispify-remove-prefixes): Doc fix.

1997-12-05  Thierry E


This is Debian GNU/Linux's prepackaged version of custom, an emacs
mode for creating simple customization interfaces.

Michael Alan Dorman <> assembled this package.  The
original software is available at:

The only change for the Debian package was the addition of the debian/

;; Copyright (C) 1996, 1997 Free Software Foundation, I

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