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The Extension Language Kit documentation.

Elk is an implementation of the Scheme programming language, designed specifically as an embeddable, reusable extension language subsystem for applications written in C or C++.

Elk is also useful as a stand-alone Scheme implementation.

Package version:3.0-4


This package contains the documentation and examples for the
Extension Language Kit (elk).
The file addendum.txt contains the changes made to the locations of
the various elk components to get FSSTND compliance. However, the
documentation has not been modified, so any reference to file paths
contained therein refers to the old location.


Interpreter kernel

  o  Documentation strings.  Put them into an extra field in S_Compound.
     New primitives:  procedure-documentation, macro-documentation.

  o  It should not matter to an extension writer whether a primitive is
     written in Scheme or in C -- primitives should not be invoked directly
     via the P_ functions.  Instead, a more general mechanism is needed.

  o  include/mis


This is Debian/GNU Linux's prepackaged version of the Extension Language Kit,
an Scheme implementation.
Elk was written by Oliver Laumann <>.

This package was put together by me, Enrique Zanardi
<>, from sources obtained from:

  * added Debian GNU/Linux pack


Generational/Incremental Garbage Collector

   The generational, incremental garbage collector still


Numerous users of the Extension Language Kit (too many to mention them
all) have contributed ideas, 

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