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speech output interface to Emacs

Emacspeak is a speech output system that will allow someone who cannot see to work directly on a UNIX system. (Until now, the only option available to visually impaired users has been to use a talking PC as a terminal.) Emacspeak is built on top of Emacs. Once you start emacs with emacspeak loaded, you get spoken feedback for everything you do. Your mileage will vary depending on how well you can use Emacs. There is nothing that you cannot do inside Emacs :-). This package includes speech servers written in tcl to support the DECtalk Express and DECtalk MultiVoice speech synthesizers. For other synthesizers, look for separate speech server packages.
Package version:7.0-4


This is Emacspeak from  Nov-13-97-07-32
Distribution created by raman on labrador
Place  the files from this distribution in a directory
And type make config 
To configure the source files. Then type make
See the Makefile for details. 
If you have a Dectalk connected to a serial port,
e.g. /dev/tty00 then use make "DECTALK=>/dev/tty00"
And  get spoken feedback during make. 
Compiled on Nov-16-97-1


emacspeak for DEBIAN

This package includes updated versions of dtk-exp, dtk-mv, and
speech-server by the upstream author (T. V. Raman), download from

Several corrections and clarifications were made to the documentation.
html and plain text versions of the documentation were added.
A configuration scrip


EMACSPEAK(1)                                            EMACSPEAK(1)

       emacspeak - speech output interface to Emacs

       emacspeak [ file... ]

       This script starts emacs(1) with speech extensions.  emacsā€
       peak requires one of the following speech synthesizers:
       DECtalk Express, DECtalk MultiVoice, or the software DECtalk
       on the DEC A


EMACSPEAKCONFIG(8)                                EMACSPEAKCONFIG(8)



emacspeak (7.0-4) unstable; urgency=low

  * The configuration script now collects menu choices from


( ) combine the three .blurb parsing programs into one shell function.


This package was debianized by James R. Van Zandt on
Sat, 15 Nov 1997 13:48:57 -

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Download emacspeak_7.0-4.deb

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