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Libraries for Icon, a high-level programming language

Ideal for both complex nonnumerical applications and for situations where users need quick solutions with a minimum of programming effort, Icon is a high-level, general purpose programming language with a syntax similar to Pascal and C. Its applications include: rapid prototyping, analyzing natural languages, generating computer programs, and artifical intelligence. (From the back cover of the book "The Icon Programming Language," by Griswold and Griswold.)

This package contains the Icon program library, a library of Icon procedures and programs contributed by Icon users.

Package version:9.3-1


	address.doc		documentation for address procedures
	hebcalen.hlp		documentation for hebcalen.icn
	hebcalpi.hlp		documentation for hebcalpi.icn
	iconmake.doc		make skeleton for Icon
	ipp.doc			supplementary documentation for ipp.icn			manual page for mr.icn
	post.1			manual page source for post.icn
	polywalk.txt		description of polynomial programs
	procs.pdx		index to procedures			m


	gprocs.pdx		index to procedures
	gtrace.doc		documentation for graphic traces		PostScript documentation for penelope.icn			PostScript documentation for interface builder		PostScript documentation for vidgets
	*.fdx			indexes to files


C Interface Functions for Icon

This directory contains C functions that can be called from Icon on
systems supporting dynamic loading via dlopen(3).  These systems include
SunOS, Solaris, OSF/1, Irix, and Linux.

To see what's available, look at the comments in the .c files.  To use
a C function, just use "link cfunc" and call the function by name.

The C functions are loaded at runtime from a li


	*.csg		data for csg.icn
	*.krs		data for kross.icn
	*.lbl		data for labels.icn
	*.rsg		data for rsg


	*.clr		color lists, mostly from Icon palettes as named
	*.gif		GIF images
	*.iml		lists of image st


	drawtree	tree-drawing package
	ged		text editor
	tiger		map drawing from Census TIGER data
	vib		gr


Tiger README file
Gregg M. Townsend
January 20, 1996

These programs draw road and street maps from 


	ftrace		function tracing
	ibpag2		LR-based parser generator
	idol		Idol; object-oriented Icon writt

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