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versatile, virtual-hosting FTP daemon

ProFTPd is a powerful replacement for wu-ftpd. This File Transfer Protocol daemon supports hidden directories, virtual hosts, and per-directory ".ftpaccess" files. It uses a single main configuration file, with a syntax similar to Apache.

Because of the advanced design, anonymous-FTP directories can have an arbitrary internal structure (bin, lib, etc, and special files are not needed). Advanced features such as multiple password files and upload/download ratios are also supported.

This is a convenience transitional package used to install all provided modules, so you can safely remove it after upgrading. You should alternatively install proftpd-basic and one or more of the other proftpd-mod-* packages if you need advanced features.

Package version:1.3.1-17lenny4~bpo40+1


proftpd-dfsg (1.3.1-17lenny4~bpo40+1) etch-backports; urgency=low

  * Backported to etch due security fix.

 -- Francesco Paolo Lovergine <>  Thu, 10 Dec 2009 20:52:14 +0100

proftpd-dfsg (1.3.1-17lenny4) stable-security; urgency=low

  * Security: added 3275.dpatch as taken from 1.3.2b branch to fix CVE-2009-3639.

 -- Francesco Paolo Lovergine <>  Mon, 26 Oct


2007-10-05 08:38  castaglia

	* doc/: Configuration.html, Configuration.pdf: 
	Updating the HTML page with the configuration directives.  Also
	added a PDF copy of the same information (thanks Sven!).

2007-10-05 08:15  castaglia

	* contrib/dist/rpm/proftpd.spec, include/version.h: 
	Updating version for 1.3.1-stable.

2007-10-04 10:04  castaglia

	* contrib/mod_tls.c: 
	Log a PID as an explicit 


This package was debianized by Johnie Ingram (
Mon,  2 Jun 1997 12:43:52 -0400, two minutes after its first public release.

The canonical location is:


The core code is made available under the terms of the GPL2+:

 * ProFTPD - FTP server daemon
 * Copyright (c) 1997, 1998 Public Flood Software
 * Copyright (c) 1999, 2000 MacGyver a

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