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a "paranoid" subclass of LWP::UserAgent

The LWPx::ParanoidAgent is a class subclassing LWP::UserAgent, but paranoid against attackers. It's to be used when a remote resource is fetched on behalf of a possibly malicious user.

This class can do whatever LWP::UserAgent can (callbacks, uploads from files, etc).

Proxy support has been removed, because in that case you should do your paranoia at your proxy.

The URI scheme are limited to http and https.

Package version:1.03-1~bpo40+1


LWPx::ParanoidAgeUserpContributed Perl DocumLWPx::ParanoidAgent(3pm)

       LWPx::ParanoidAgent - subclass of LWP::UserAgent that pro‐
       tects you from harm

        require LWPx::ParanoidAgent;

        my $ua = LWPx::ParanoidAgent->new;

        # this is 10 seconds overall, from start to finish.  not just between
        # socket reads.  and it includes all redirects.  s


liblwpx-paranoidagent-perl (1.03-1~bpo40+1) etch-backports; urgency=low

  * Rebuilt for etch.

 -- martin f. krafft <>  Sun,  6 Jan 2008 13:25:07 +0100

liblwpx-paranoidagent-perl (1.03-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * Initial Release. (Closes: #399458)

 -- Hilko Bengen <>  Sat,  6 Jan 2007 20:58:23 +0100


1.03:  2006-08-21
	- run under taint mode (Curtis Jewell <>)

        - block and (Robby Griffin <>)

1.02:  2005-05-24
	- block as well (Andy Thomas <>)

1.01:  2005-05-23
	- more POD docs (constructor and method calls)

	- be aware of all forms of IP address (a, a.b, a.b.c, a.b.c.d)
	  where all of a


This is the Debian package for the LWPx-ParanoidAgent module,
downloaded from CPAN

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