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KDE file dialog plugins for text files and folders

This is a collection of plugins for the KDE file dialog. These plugins extend the file dialog to offer advanced meta-information for text, HTML and desktop files, as well as for folders, Windows .lnk files, MIME archives and X.509 certificates.

This package also includes plugins for the KDE file rename dialog, allowing a user to more easily decide what to do when faced with a decision regarding conflicting filenames. Rename dialog plugins are provided for audio and image files.

This package is part of KDE, as a component of the KDE addons module. See the 'kde' and 'kdeaddons' packages for more information.

Package version:4:3.5.7-2~bpo40+1


Here you willl find plugins for the RenameDlg

images  This module will show the two different pictures/images
	to let you better decide what you want to do
audio   This module will show you some information on the audio
        files to make it easier to decide what to do.


29.May 2004, Martin Koller,

This package shall help a better integration of KDE/Linux into a Windows environment
by providing tools to work with Windows .lnk files

This package contains 2 tools:

- a KFile plugin, kfile_lnk, which gives metadata information for a .lnk file (where does it point to)

- a small tool, lnkforward, to start an associated application for which the pa


LNKFORWARD(1)                                          LNKFORWARD(1)

       lnkforward - open an URL in a Windows .lnk file under KDE

       lnkforward [ generic-options ] [ --map drive=path ... ] URL

       lnkforward  examines a Windows .lnk file, determines its tar‐
       get and then opens this target file.  In deciding how to open
       the  target  file,  t


kdeaddons (4:3.5.7-2~bpo40+1) etch-backports; urgency=low

  * Rebuilt for etch.

 -- Ana Beatriz Gu


This package was debianised by Ben Burton <> on
Mon, 18 Jun 2001 02:52:26 -0500.

It w

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