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Astro::FITS::Header module

What is it?
Astro::FITS::Header and associated sub-classes are tools for reading,
modifying and then writing out FITS standard header blocks to FITS, NDF 
and GSD files. The module now fully supports ESO HIERARCH header keywords.

Full documentation is included in the POD attached to the modules.

Tied Interface


2003-11-12  Alasdair Allan <> (Version 2.8.1)

        * Documentation updated and released.
2003-10-22  Brad Cavanagh  <>

	* t/subhdr.t: Must test with stringify enabled, so compare
	references using numify.

	* (STORE): Do not want to stringify prematurely if we
	are accepting a blessed data structure.

2003-10-21  Alasdair Allan <aa


To Do

- Add ability for units to be extracted from item comments

- Read HISTORY from NDF and merge it into FITS header. On writing the
  merged HISTORY should be writing to the HISTORY extension of the NDF
  as this is regarded as canonical.

- Provide option to extract WCS from FITS header and store it in AST object

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