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ISC 386 machines must compile test.c without -O.  The resultant shell dumps
core when test is invoked.

There have been reports that SCO 3.2v4.2 requires -DPRGP_PIPE in SCO_CFLAGS,
and that it has too many -D defines for SCO's cc (rcc works).

Contents of this directory:

CWRU.chlog		- my change log since the last release

KSH.README		- list of similarities with ksh.  Slightly out of date



This README file is in -*- text -*- mode, because Emacs likes it that way.

This is GNU Bash, version 1.14.  Bash is the GNU Project's Bourne
Again SHell, an interactive shell with Bourne shell syntax (/bin/sh);
but also with interactive command line editing, job control on
architectures that support it, Csh-like history features and brace
expansion, and a slew of other stuff.  For more informatio


This directory contains the bash documentation.

FAQ		- a set of frequently-asked questions about Bash with answers	- an article I wrote about bash for The Linux Journal
bash.1		- the bash man page
builtins.1	- a man page that documents the builtins, extracted from bash.1
features.texi	- the `bash features' document, suitable for an info tree
readline.3	- the readline man page

The `.ps


This is the distribution of the Gnu Readline library.  See the file
STANDALONE for a description of 


This is the GNU termcap library -- a library of C functions that
enable programs to send control str


run sh for a first cut at a machines.h entry


Type `sh run-all'.


This file documents the bugs fixed between this release, bash-1.14.6,
and the last public bash relea

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