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This is the 2.4 (USENET) version of the Elm Mail System

See the NOTICE and Instruct files for further details.

It is IMPERATIVE that all users rerun newalias after installing
Elm 2.4 when upgrading from a previous version.  Elm's behavior
with aliases could be unpredictable if this step is not performed.

Where to find more info on Elm:
   Much discussion on Elm including interim bug fixes, work


This is Release 2 of PGP Elm, a version of the popular Unix-based mail
user agent which is PGP-aware*.  It makes it very convenient to use
PGP's encryption and digital signitures from within Elm.

This work is based on Elm 2.4 PL24, plus modifications to Elm made by
Mic the missing (was:  His modifications
were previously distributed as  I took the work that


First a note on the copyright.  This is the same one used by the
X Consortium (fortunately no one has started copyrighting copyrights),
so if your lawyers don't mind that one, they shouldn't mind this one.
Simply put, you can do what you want with this, although if you are
so inclined we'd appreciate it if you sent us back any enhancements,
bug fixes, or other related material, so we can make it a


Sun Apr  9 00:01:03 1995  Kenneth H. Cox  (kenc@jiminy)

* PGP2 released ---------------------------


This file describes major changes made to the Elm source distribution
between Releases 2.3 and 2.4. 


Copyright 1990, by Alphalpha Software I

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