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This is the lyx-0.9.2 release of Fri, Jan 19 1996

What's new compared to lyx-0.8.2?

       Zillions of patches.
       Now full support for keymaps.
       Rearranged keybind stuff.
       WYSIWYG figures!!!

Whats new compared to lyx-0.8?

       Unfortunately we didn't manage to remove all bugs
       for the 0.8 public release. So we had to do this now;)
       Not that 0.8.2 is absolutely bu


since 0.9.22
- Some mathed bugs fixed (Alejandro)   
- Preliminary support for math accents  (Alejandro)
- A step to incorporate mathed as the new math mode (Alejandro) 
- Support for label and numbering a formula (Alejandro) 
- Preliminary support for maketitle (Alejandro) 
- the layout object in the mainform now uses a combox. Not as encapsulated
  as I'd want it to be. (Lgb)
- small changes to 


  This is my to be completed before 1.0 file.

Must be completed:

	- updated documentation	
	- tables
	- mathed
	- configure woes on different platforms
	- LyX should not be able to produce bogus LaTeX code.
	- tmp dir stuff.

Should be completed:

	- \maketitle
	- run LaTeX the correct number of times. or the number of
	  times the user  wants it 


- should be possible to have a section number with no
  text attatched.
- should be possible to have


Known bugs that need to be fixed before 1.0 (and 0.10):
- tmpbuff is broken to some degree. it can n


LyX is free software, so you can freely copy and use it. But to protect
the authors, who have put a 

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