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			       Unidata netCDF
				Version 2.4
			       February 1996

The Unidata network Common Data Form (netCDF) is an interface for scientific
data access and a freely-distributed software library that provides an
implementation of the interface.  The netCDF library also defines a
machine-independent format for representing scientific data.  Together, the
interface, library, and format support the


This is an early release for a prototype experimental implementation of a
C++ interface for the netCDF data access library.  It presumes you already
have netCDF installed.  The files are:

   netcdf.hh	the C++ interface	the implementation of the interface, on top of the current
		C library interface	a test program for the interface that creates a netCDF file
		and then dum


This directory contains the TeX source for the netCDF User's Guide and
a PostScript file for direct printing of the netCDF User's Guide on a
PostScript printer.  It also contains reference documentation in the form
of troff source for UNIX man pages, using the -man macros.	configure template for Makefile
README		this file	PostScript file of User's Guide, generated from guide.


This directory contains the source code for the netCDF FORTRAN jackets for
various systems, generate


This directory contains source code for ncgen, a netCDF utility that
converts a CDL description of a


This directory contains source code for nctest, an extensive test
program for the entire netCDF libr


$Id: README,v 1.4 1991/03/20 22:58:28 russ Exp $

Mon Apr 17 18:40:07 MDT 1989

This directory conta



NetCDF 2.4 R

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