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	This is a C version of ratfor, derived from a UofA ratfor
	in ratfor. It was originally released to the net sometime
	ago, and It is re-released for the benefit of those sites
	who only get mod->comp.sources.

	It now includes minor changes to produce F77 code as well.

	This code *is* PD. You (public) have all the rights to the code.
	[But this also means you (singular) do not have any *extra*


This is the Debian Linux prepackaged version of Ratfor77, a Ratfor
preprocessor for Fortran 77.


Ratfor77 was written by: oz
                         Usenet: [decvax|ihnp4]!utzoo!yetti!oz ||
                         Bitnet: oz@[yusol|yuyetti].BITNET
                         Phonet: [416] 736-5257 x 3976

This package was


This is not a bug but a design error
in both AT&T ratfor
and this public domain ratfor:

The problem is with the switch statment.
It switches on an integer valued expression.
It should switch on an integer variable.

The reason is that
	"implicit undefined"
	"implicit null"
is unusable because the switch is done
on a new variable that is not declared or declarable
by the programmer who cannot gues

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