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Package version:-


This documentation has not been updated for version 2 of the release.
The command line format has changed significantly.  My suggestion is
that you read the man pages for the old version to learn of the
operation of the program, and then run the program without parameters
to get a usage summary to see the new command line arguments.  Most
commands take a form similar to:

    Usage: snmpwalk -v 1 


This is the port of cmu-snmp2.1.2.tar.Z to Linux. 
Please refer to README.linux to more about.
The original README follows.

This code has been tested on a sparcstation (SUNOS4.1.1).  It may not
run on other Unix systems (but then again it may).  When porting to a
new processor architecture,  read the first page of snmplib/md5.c and
define LOWBYTEFIRST according to the instruction.

Run "m


	README.linux					May 1994
							Aug 1995

You are looking at the README for cmu-snmp2.1.2l4, the port of the 
cmu-snmp agent and the cmu-snmp applications to Linux.

This is the modified source of cmu-snmp2.1.2.tar.Z for Linux (Linux
v1.3.20 or above with libc v5.0.9 or above -- this is for ELF).
It may or may not compile with Linux v1.2.x and libc v4.6.x.
It will not compile with libc v4.5.x


If you want to communicate with secure SNMP packets, you will need to
set up SNMP security parameter



These config-files are copied from a linux-box named ``chappell'' with 
the i


This is a port of Poul-Henning Kamp's excellent TCL SNMP package
(originally for CMU SNMP 1) to CMU 


	Copyright 1988, 1989 by Carnegie Mello

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