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fortune-mod README

This is fortune-mod 9708.  It is basically the same as the fortune-mod
released in October 1995, with some portability improvements, bug fixes
and documentation cleanup.

The most significant fix was for the reported bug about the `-a' option
of fortune with database names that appear in both the inoffensive and
offensive directories.  This was solved by allo


randstr is a simple utility that implements the minimal functionality of
the fortune program.  Give it the name of a strfile text or data
(pointer) file, and it will randomly select and print one text string.

It isn't intended to do a lot; it's supposed to be a sample
implementation of a minimal strfile type random text retrieval function,
such as might be used to generate random .signature files


This is a very simple caesar cipher, rotating alphabetic characters (A-Z
and a-z) by 13.  It's used by the Makefile for the "offensive" fortunes,
since there's no guarantee that 'caesar' is available on a particular
machine; there is no specific target for it otherwise.  Behavior should
be identical to caesar 13, and it's best used as a filter (e.g., cat
filename | rot >newfilename produces a file


A help wanted add for a photo journalist asked the rhetorical question:

If you found yourself in a 


(Note: this file has been re-arranged to be in reverse chronological
order, which is The Right Thing


 * Replace current Makefiles with an autoconf setup (maybe use automake?)

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