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Welcome to the Scotty Tcl extension

by Juergen Schoenwaelder and many contributors.

1. Introduction:

You are looking at the source tree of scotty, a Tcl extension to build
network management applications using Tcl (and Tk). The scotty extension 
provides new Tcl commands to

	- send and receive ICMP packets
	- query the Domain Name System (DNS)
	- access UDP sockets from Tcl


This directory contains a set of evolving scripts for scotty that can
be used with the Tkined editor. They turn Tkined into a small network
management system. The script files implement various tools grouped by

manager.tcl	- Some commands to start new tools from within Tkined.
event.tcl	- Filter events reported by the syslog daemon.
ip_trouble.tcl	- Some small trouble shooting com


This directory contains some sample SNMP agent modules. This is
experimental work, but it might give you some ideas how to do your own
little agent with scotty.

Note, the SNMP agent stuff in this directory is not meant to replace
your standard MIB-2 SNMP agent. Instead, you should run this stuff as
an additional SNMP agent using a different port number.

The main script is snmpd. It includes the


This directory contains some scripts to install the bones database
based on the msql database backe


This directory contains a Tcl wrapper for the OSIMIS CMIP implementation.
It is based on OSIMIS ver


This directory contains some example scripts. The purpose of this
scripts if to show how you can pr


This file contains auto-loadable library code written for the Tnm
Tcl extension. The idea is to wri


The files in this directory contain Internet MIB definitions mostly
extracted from RFC files and so

Browse inside scotty_2.1.9.orig.tar.gz

         [DIR]scotty-2.1.9/ (9)

Download scotty_2.1.9.orig.tar.gz

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