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IMPORTANT: most applications need KDEDIR as the directory, where KDE is 
installed. Please set this in your login file.

If configure claims about missing Qt, have a look at
to get a copy of qt-1.3 or higher. 

You can use --enable-debug, if you want to have debug code in your
KDE apps and libs. I recommend to do this, since this is alpha soft-
ware and you better have the poss


KArm 0.3

Fixes edit task bugs
Complies to new FSSTND

KArm 0.2

In my day, I may have to work on several different projects and keep track
separately of how much time I spent working on each project. If you are
like me, then KArm is for you.

KArm is a time tracker. You can enter a list of "tasks", start KArm's clock,
and it will count the number of minutes you spend on the hig


kcalc 0.4

Added statistical functions. Use F3 and F4 to switch between them.
If you have trouble with the mathematical functions used, have a
look at kcalctype.h and make the necessary changes.

kcalc 0.3

kcalc is now mostly complete with regard to basic functionality. A few
rough edges remain. Nevertheless, I believe kcalc will prove a useful
little calculator.

Have fun wit


kjots version 0.2.6
(C) 1997 Christoph Neerfeld (Christoph.Neerfeld@mail.bonn.


The file jots.xpm is part of the tkgoodstuff package
copyright (C) 1995-96 by Mark Crimmins (markcri


Knotes 0.4

New internal savings scheme. You must backup your old Knotes 0.3.2 or earlie


This is KZip v0.5.  Type 'configure', then 'make', and 'make install'. 
Use the online help if some 


	Now supports floating toolbar
	Documentation converted to linuxdoc

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