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Package version:-


Part A:  Installation Notes

1.  Run the "./configure" script.
2.  Optionally browse and edit Config.h.
3.  Check the Makefile.
4.  "make"

Part B:  Operating System specifics

The program compiles "out of the box" on many systems thanks to the configure
script, but here are a few notes on some certain systems.

SunOS 4.1.3:  Must use


(This file only applies to the binary distribution;  if this is the source
distribution read the README instead.)

The package may come with one or two executables.  If there are two, one
is a statically-linked program, and the other is linked using shared
libraries.  See if you can run the shared program first.  If that works,
use it because you'll save diskspace and memory by using the shared li


2.4.2 :: October 28, 1996.

+ Daylight savings time bug fixed (Thanks, Chris Hanson).

+ Fixed the spurious character that was appearing in the "User" and
  "Password" prompt.

+ Fixed a broken pipe problem.

+ Throughput results should be more accurate.  Previously they were
  inflated a bit because the stoptime was recorded after the last write
  instead of after the close.

2.4.1 :: October 18,


/* Copyright.h */

/* This copyright data applies to all source files and all binary files. */


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