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  README file for kdrill  v5.9.3 Dec 28th, 1999
     (by Philip Brown)

KDRILL REQUIRES the X Windowing System to run. Specifically, X11-R5 !! 
(or better).

This README file is a condensed version of the manpage

kdrill quizzes you on [kanji/kana phrase/english] translations.
It can also be used as an electronic Japanese<->English dictionary.
For a more detailed summary, skip to "KDRILL SUMMARY",


[note: CHANGE FROM OLD VERSIONS: USE -edictfile hira.edic]
[ Plus, this is the update where katakana are in UPPERCASE]

This used to be a separate distribution, the "kana suppliment" to kdrill.
However, it is small enough that I finally decided to combine it with

kdrill normally uses the "kanjidic" and "edict" dictionaries. They are rather
large dictionaries of Kanji and Japanese phrases.


[Hey, this file is actually shrinking! But feel free to email me
 more suggestions for it :-) ]

Make readstructs actually PROPERLY handle variable length lines.

Make search popups bound to SEARCH WINDOW, not "main" window?!!

Add "find same kanji" button to search window
 [aka "find compounds"]

Add new multi-radical search

Add simple dialog to change usefiles
  (or in options window?)

time li


Sigh. the legal stuff just gets messier and messier.
I, Philip Brown, am now writing my own license 

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