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This is a collection of programs from 4.4BSD-Lite that have not (yet)
need re-written by FSF as GNU.  It was constructed for inclusion in
Debian Linux.  As programs found here become available from GNU
sources, they will be replaced.

This package was originally put together by Austin Donnelly
<>, but is heavily based on bsdutils, originally put
together by Ian Murdock <imurdock@


The cal(1) date routines were written from scratch, basically from first
principles.  The algorithm for calculating the day of week from any
Gregorian date was "reverse engineered".  This was necessary as most of
the documented algorithms have to do with date calculations for other
calendars (e.g. julian) and are only accurate when converted to gregorian
within a narrow range of dates.

1 Jan 1 is


#	@(#)README	8.1 (Berkeley) 6/6/93

col - filter out reverse line feeds.

Options are:
	-b	do not print any backspaces (last character written is printed)
	-f	allow half line feeds in output, by default characters between
		lines are pushed to the line below
	-x	do not compress spaces into tabs.
	-l num	keep (at least) num lines in memory, 128 are kept by default

In the 32V source code to col(1) 


Sat Aug 17 15:01:48 1996  Austin Donnelly <>

	* write.c: when uid and utmp login 

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