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				c2man, Version 2
				by Graham Stoney

			    Copyright (c) 1992-1996
		 Canon Information Systems Research Australia
			      All rights reserved.

C2man is an automatic documentation tool that extracts comments from C source
code to generate functional interface documentation in the same format as
sections 2 & 3 of the Unix Programmer's Manual. It requires minimal effort from
the programmer


This is a version of c2man v. 2.41 modified for Wine. The principle
changes are:
  o Only functions which appear in a spec file are documented
  o They are documented under their exported name in the spec file
These changes are switched on by the -w option, which is used to give the
spec file name.

  c2man ... -w foo32.spec -w bar32.spec sourcefile.c

Doug Ridgway


This is my port of the c2man patchlevel 33 for the Amiga.

I added a Commodore AutoDoc output format backend. So you can use this outputs
with your favorite autodoc formatting utility. Read the c2man manual for
getting started with c2man. If you have groff, a LaTeX package or makeinfo
installed you can also use c2man for generating these output formats. I have
tested the nroff format with the grof


This directory contains sources for library routines which some users have
found to be missing on th


This directory contains sources for compiling c2man for OS/2 and
DOS, using EMX/gcc or Microsoft C. 




Frequently Asked Questions about c2man
By Graham Stoney (grey


Wed Apr 24 12:08:09 EST 1996   Graham Stoney <>

. Description:

	-k do

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