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The Tk Toolkit

SCCS: @(#) README 1.37 97/01/29 13:24:34

1. Introduction

This directory and its descendants contain the sources and documentation
for Tk, an X11 toolkit implemented with the Tcl scripting language.  The
information here corresponds to Tk 4.2, patch level 2 for Tk 4.2.  This
is actually the first official patch release for Tk 4.2: patch level 1
was only released fo


This directory contains Tk source files that work on all the platforms
where Tk runs (e.g. UNIX, PCs, and Macintoshes).  Platform-specific
sources are in the directories ../unix, ../win, and ../mac.

SCCS ID: @(#) README 1.1 95/09/11 14:02:45


This directory contains a collection of programs to demonstrate
the features of the Tk toolkit.  The programs are all scripts for
"wish", a windowing shell.  If wish has been installed in /usr/local
then you can invoke any of the programs in this directory just
by typing its file name to your command shell.  Otherwise invoke
wish with the file as its first argument, e.g., "wish hello".
The rest of


Tk 4.2p2 for Macintosh

by Ray Johnson
Sun Microsystems Laboratories

SCCS: @(#


Tk Test Suite

SCCS: @(#) README 1.2 96/03/27 08:52:21

This directory contains a set


                            Drag and Drop for Tk
			        version 0.3
			Oliver Graf <


                    TkSTEP 4.2 (Tk 4.2p2 + Tcl 7.6p2)

                               Oliver Graf


This is the directory where you configure, compile, test, and install
UNIX versions of Tk.  This dir

Browse inside tkstep4.2_4.2p2.orig.tar.gz

         [DIR]tkstep4.2/ (15)

Download tkstep4.2_4.2p2.orig.tar.gz

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