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Objective C support for gcc

gcc-objc provides Objective C support for the GNU C compiler (gcc). Mainly used on systems running NeXTSTEP, Objective C is an object-oriented derivative of the C language.

Install gcc-objc if you are going to do Objective C development and you would like to use the gcc compiler. You'll also need gcc.

Package version:2.95.3


GNU Objective C notes

This document is to explain what has been done, and a little about how
specific features differ from other implementations.  The runtime has
been completely rewritten in gcc 2.4.  The earlier runtime had several
severe bugs and was rather incomplete.  The compiler has had several
new features added as well.

This is not documentation for Objective C, i


README.threads - Wed Nov 29 15:16:24 EST 1995

Limited documentation is available in the THREADS file.

This version has been tested on Sun Solaris, SGI Irix, and Windows NT.
It should also work on any single threaded system.

Thanks go to th


2000-03-29  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* objc/Protocol.h, objc/objc-list.h: Change #endif labels to

Sun Oct 24 23:54:10 PDT 1999 Jeff Law  (

	* gcc-2.95.2 Released.

Mon Aug 16 01:29:24 PDT 1999 Jeff Law  (

	* gcc-2.95.1 Released.

Fri Aug  6 23:32:29 1999  Daniel Jacobowitz <>

	* (FLAGS_TO_PASS): Include prefi

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