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Arbitrary precision calculator (original name: calc)

Calc is an arbitrary precision arithmetic system that uses a C-like language. Calc is useful as a calculator, an algorithm prototyper and as a mathematical research tool. More importantly, calc provides one with a machine independent means of computation. Calc comes with a rich set of builtin mathematical and programmatic functions.

Calc is built on top of the library libcalc that represents numeric values as fractions reduced to their lowest terms. This library can also be used to add arbitrary precision capabilities to your own programs and is available in the Debian package `apcalc-dev'.

The original name of this package is `calc', but it had to be changed to `apcalc' for Debian, because there's already another package called `calc' in Debian. Nevertheless, the binary and manpage installed by this package are still named `calc'.

Package version:2.10.3t5.45-0bo2


# Copyright (c) 1997 David I. Bell
# Permission is granted to use, distribute, or modify this source,
# provided that this copyright notice remains intact.
# Arbitrary precision calculator.

I am allowing this calculator to be freely distributed for your enjoyment.
Like all multi-precision programs, you should not depend absolutely on
its results, since bugs in such programs can be insidious and


Dear alpha tester,

Thanks for taking the time to try out this alpha version of calc!  We are
interested in any/all feedback that you may have on this version.  In
particular we would like to hear about:

    * compile problems
    * regression test problems (try: make check)
    * compiler warnings
    * special compile flags/options that you needed
    * Makefile problems
    * help file problem


# Copyright (c) 1997 David I. Bell and Landon Curt Noll
# Permission is granted to use, distribute, or modify this source,
# provided that this copyright notice remains intact.

The following calc library files are provided because they serve as
examples of how use the calc language, and/or because the authors thought
them to be useful!

If you write something that you think is useful, please send


apcalc for DEBIAN

The original name for this package is calc, but there was 


calc(1)                                                      calc(1)

       calc - arbitrary


apcalc (2.10.3t5.45-0bo2) bo-unstable; urgency=low

  * Release for bo-unstable.

 -- Martin Buck <m


Following is the change from calc version 2.10.3t5.38 to date:

    Fixed a bug discovered by Ernest


Needed enhancements

    Send calc comments, suggestions, bug fixes, enhancements and

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Download apcalc_2.10.3t5.45-0bo2.deb

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