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The Data Display Debugger, a graphical frontend for GDB.

The Data Display Debugger (DDD) is a comfortable graphical user interface to GDB and DBX, the popular UNIX debuggers. Besides ``usual'' features such as viewing source texts and breakpoints, DDD provides a *graphical data display*, where data structures are displayed as graphs. Complex data structures can be explored incrementally and interactively.

Other DDD features include: debugging of programs written in C, C++, Pascal, MODULA-2, FORTRAN, and ADA; machine-level debugging; hypertext source navigation and lookup; breakpoint, backtrace, and history editors; preferences and settings editors; program execution in terminal emulator window; debugging on remote host; on-line manual; interactive help on the Motif user interface; GDB/DBX/XDB command-line interface with full editing, history, and completion capabilities. DDD has been designed to compete with well-known commercial debuggers.

You need libc5-based Motif 2.0 to run this package. If you do not have Motif, use the "ddd-smotif" (statically linked against Motif) or "ddd" (linked against LessTif) package.

Package version:2.2.3-2


This is the source distribution of DDD, the Data Display Debugger.
Please consult the following files:

    ANNOUNCE     All about this DDD distribution, including FTP sites.
    BUGS         Open issues in this DDD distribution.
    COPYING      The DDD license.
    COPYING.LIB  The license applying to some parts of DDD.
    INSTALL      Building and installing DDD.
    NEWS         Release infor


DDD Documentation					-*- text -*-

This directory contains various documentation related to DDD in
PostScript format. -- `DDD---A Free Graphical Front-End for UNIX Debuggers'

    A six-page DDD survey including some screen shots.  The paper
    also highlights some internal aspects of DDD.  Appeared in ACM
    SIGPLAN Notices 31(1), pp. 22--27, January 1996.



.\" $Id:,v 1.172 1998/01/26 14:27:13 zeller Exp $ -*-nroff-*-
.\" DDD manual page
.\" Generated automatically from by configure.
.\" Copyright (C) 1995-1998 Technische Universitaet Braunschweig, Germany.
.\" Written by Andreas Zeller <>.
.\" This file is part of DDD.
.\" DDD is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under


ddd (2.2.3-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * Fixed Section: field

 -- Alexander Yukhimets <aqy6633@is5.


# The DDD Changelog.						-*- text -*-
# Note that this is a CVS log file; new entries are appended 


# $Id: TODO,v 1.239 1998/01/21 15:43:47 zeller Exp $ -*- Text -*-
# The DDD projects.

This is a lis


Motif versions of debian packages by Alexander Yukhimets <>

This package was re-deb


# $Id: BUGS,v 1.241 1998/01/28 16:02:35 zeller Exp $ -*- Text -*-
# The DDD bug list.

Note: For pro

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