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Displays user-friendly dialog boxes from shell scripts

This application provides a method of displaying several different types of dialog boxes from shell scripts. This allows a developer of a script to interact with the user in a much friendlier manner.

The following types of boxes are at your disposal: yes/no Typical query style box with "Yes" and "No" answer buttons menu A scrolling list of menu choices with single entry selection input Query style box with text entry field message Similar to the yes/no box, but with only an "Ok" button text A scrollable text box that works like a simple file viewer info A message display that allows asynchronous script execution checklist Similar to the menu box, but allowing multiple selections radiolist Checklist style box allowing single selections guage Typical "progress report" style box tail Allows viewing the end of files (tail) that auto updates background tail Similar to tail but runs in the background.

Package version:0.9a-12.0


I have uploaded cdialog-0.9a.tar.gz to sunsite. It should be moved
to pub/Linux/utils/shell, I think.

Starting point for cdialog v.0.9a was dialog-0.6c. Many new features
like as Resolution-independence, Auto-sizing, Maximizing, more widget
on the same screen (multi-widget), etc. were added. New widget are 
tailbox and tailbox-in-background. Here are the options:

   Usage: dialog <Common options


DIALOG(1)                                                  DIALOG(1)

       dialog - display dialog boxes from shell scripts

       dialog --clear
       dialog --create-rc file
       dialog  [ --title title ] [ --backtitle backtitle ] [ --clear
       ] [ --separate-output ] box-options

       Dialog is a program that will let you to present a variety of


dialog (0.9a-12.0) frozen unstable; urgency=high

  * Rebuilt using latest ncurses again, so that it does not segfault.

 -- Santiago Vila <>  Tue, 21 Jul 1998 19:49:42 +0200

dialog (0.9a-12) frozen unstable; urgency=high

  * Rebuilt using latest ncurses. Fixes Bug #22593: dialog always segfaults.
  * Replaced guage.c by the one in dialog 0.6z, which is known to work.
    Fixes Bug


writing documentation for the new cdialog v.0.9a... I can't now.
any volunteer? I can help.

Bye, Pa


This is Debian/GNU Linux's prepackaged version of Savio Lam's dialog
utility.  It is now (apparently

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