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The classic, incredibly popular 3-d shoot 'em up game

Doom is a 3D first person perspective action computer game created and published by id Software. Important features are: highly immersive gameplay, texture mapped environment, network play. It can also be extensively modified, which has resulted in a huge number of add-on utilities and new levels.

This package contains the doom server. To play doom, you will also need doom wad files, which you can download or buy.

Package version:1.10-16


Getting doom1.wad:

To play doom, you will need to get doom1.wad from somewhere. Visit for details. I hope to
provide a package of doom1.wad in the future, but I need to straighten out
the copyright first. Once you have doom1.wad, place it in any directory, and
before playing doom, set DOOMWADDIR to point to the directory doom1.wad is
in. This s


Here it is, at long last.  The DOOM source code is released for your
non-profit use.  You still need real DOOM data to work with this code.
If you don't actually own a real copy of one of the DOOMs, you should
still be able to find them at software stores.

Many thanks to Bernd Kreimeier for taking the time to clean up the
project and make sure that it actually works.  Projects tends to ro


README - DOOM assembly code

Okay, I add the DOS assembly module for the historically
inclined here (may suffer). If anyone
feels the urge to port these to GNU GCC; either inline or
as separate modules including Makefile support, be my guest.

Module tmap.S includes the inner loops for texture mapping,
the interesting one being the floor/ceiling span rendering.

There was ano


README for Linux DOOM Source distribution



The DOOM Book

Shortly after the Wolfenstein 3D source release,
I sent a mail to Jay Wilbur suggest



I never got around to do anything with respect to
a Linux glDOOM port except for as


This is Linux X DOOM v1.8.  DOOM is a nifty 3D game originally
released for NEXTSTEP and then DOS.  


This is the soundserver as used by the original
Linuxdoom release. I separated the source from

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Download doom_1.10-16.deb

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