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A PostScript and PDF viewer for X using 3d Athena Widgets

`gv' is a comfortable viewer of PostScript and PDF files for the X Window System.

From version 3.0 on `gv' cannot be used with the standard Athena Widget library. Nevertheless you don not have to use the 3d Widgets for anything else as this version is compiled using `-rpath /usr/X11R6/lib/Xaw3d'.

It uses the `gs' PostScript(tm) interpreter and is based on the classic X front-end for `gs', `ghostview'. It is more comfortable and more powerful than `ghostview'.

Some features as e.g. PDF files or anti-aliasing are only supported if a recent Aladdin ghostscript (4.0 or later) is installed. With anti-aliasing turned on, the text is very crisp and readable, with no `stepping' on the slants at all. For this reason, the `gs-aladdin' package, to be found in `non-free' due to Aladdin's licenceing, is highly recommended.

The new `gs-aladdin', version (>= 4.0), can view PDF files. It is mostly compliant with Adobe's PDF format, so it has less problems than `xpdf'. There is no support for encrypted pdf files. It provides much better output than `xpdf' and even `AcroRead' (Adobe's PDF Reader) but is slower and does not yet support hyperlinks.

Package version:3.5.8-1bo4


gv(1)                                                          gv(1)

       gv - a PostScript and PDF previewer

       gv [ filename ]
          [-monochrome] [-grayscale] [-color]
          [-[no]safer] [-[no]quiet] [-arguments <arguments>]
          [-page <label>] [-[no]center]
          [-media <media>]
          [-portrait] [-landscape] [-upsidedown] [-seascape]


gv (3.5.8-1bo4) bo-unstable; urgency=low

  * Non maintainer release
  * Minor changes to debian/rules
  * Recompiled with libc5 for unstable

 -- Paul Seelig <>  Sun, 18 Jan 1998 22:04:21 +0100

gv (1:3.5.8-4) unstable; urgency=low

  * Hech. I forgot the epock so dpkg will replace the `.1' version.  One more go.

 -- Karl M. Hegbloom <>  Tue,  9



In the list below some paragraphs (or lines) are marked either
by a '#' or a '*' or a '?'. A 
  '*' marks some internal change of which the user doesn't see anything.
  '#' denotes a change which is noticeable by the user.
  '?' describes a known problem which is not fixed yet.

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% GV 3.5.8  (21 June 1997) %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

# Bugfix: The command line


 This is Debian/GNU Linux's prepackaged version of the PostScript
 viewer `gv'. `gv' is a front-end 

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