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Text Editor with block and binary operations

Finally an editor that works with function keys under X and also in console mode! LE has many block operations with stream and rectangular blocks, can edit both unix and dos style files (LF/CRLF), is binary clean, has hex mode, can edit large files and mmap'pable devices in MAP_SHARED mode, has tunable syntax highlighting, tunable color scheme (can use default colors), tunable key map.
Package version:1.4.2-1.2


This is terminal text editor - LE.

Read the file FEATURES to learn what LE can do.
Read the file HISTORY to learn about LE beginning.

You can try to find out how to use the editor by reading help,
browsing the menu and reading the man page. Some hints:
   F10 or C-n -- menu
   F1 -- help
   C-x -- exit (cancel)
   Arrows -- navigate

In the editor the following key description is used:


LE(1)                                                          LE(1)

       le - full screen text editor

       le [options] filename

       le  is  a text editor which offers wide range of capabilities
       with a simple interface. It has a pull down menu and a simple
       help  system  to get started. See KEYS section below to learn
       about key combinations.


le (1.4.2-1.2) frozen unstable; urgency=low

  * Non-maintainer upload.
  * Rebuilt with new egcs to get up to date libstdc++ dependency. This
    also updates the ncurses dependency (Fixes #29026).
  * Rewrote menu file for new format (fixes Lintian error).

 -- J.H.M. Dassen (Ray) <>  Fri,  6 Nov 1998 14:30:23 +0100

le (1.4.2-1.1) frozen unstable; urgency=low

  * Non-ma


Version 1.4.2

* extended maximum line length for formatting
* backup number was not saved in option


1. Make more classes (Text, multibuffer support)

2. Full undo


This package was debianized by Christoph Lameter on
Mon, 10 Nov 1997 21:13:15 +0000

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