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Build and maintain a City or Country

You are required to build and maintain a city. You must feed, house, provide jobs and goods for your residents. You can build a sustainable economy with the help of renewable energy and recycling, or you can go for broke and build rockets to escape from a pollution ridden and resource starved planet, it's up to you. Due to the finite resources available in any one place, this is not a game that you can leave for long periods of time. This game is similar to the commercial simulation game with a similar name.

This package includes both X and SVGALib (console-mode) binaries.

Package version:1.03-2



This is the README for LinCity Version 1.03 - development continues.

Copyright (c) I J Peters 1995,1997. Please read the file 'COPYRIGHT'.

WHAT IS LinCity?

LinCity is an SVGALIB and X based city/country simulation game for Linux.
(Solaris 2.5, FreeBSD, HP_UX, AIX and IRIX are ALPHA at this time, but have
been reported to work - sometimes needing a tweak to


text -1 30 Read me for lin city version 0.78

text -1 65 Some things you need to know to get going.
text -1 75 Monuments make tech points.
text -1 85 Communes provide coal, ore and steel for
text -1 95 things like Blacksmiths in the early
text -1 105 stages of the game.

text -1 165 One of your aims, if you choose, is to
text -1 175 evacuate everyone with rockets. It isn't
text -1 185 easy.



text -1 50 Please read the changes file.
text -1 65 This is where all the important
text -1 75 information is before it gets to the
text -1 85 manual or help screens.
text -1 105 less /usr/local/games/lin-city/CHANGES
text -1 125 ( Note the upper case CHANGES )


FAQ for LinCity.


Q. I did a make install, but I've got no binaries.

A. If you g


lincity (1.03-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * Menu file location fixed.  Fixes bug #6961

 -- John Goe



- Endian checking added. Big endian machines couldn't load good-times etc.
- (Actually i


This package was originally debianized by Christoph Lameter on Sat, 28 Dec 1996 

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