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A simple music-from-text language for use with MusiXTeX

M-Tx is a music-from-text language designed to look as much as possible like printed music. Here is some typical input code:

------------------------------------------------------------------------ Title: Net soos ek is Composer: Charlotte Elliott Style: SATB Sharps: 2 Meter: 3/4 PMX: w190m Space: 9

@+5 b4 b b | b2d | a4 a a | a2d | d4 e- f | g2 e4 | d2d of |] L: Net soos ek is, net soos ek is, O Lam van God, ek kom. d4s g f | e2d | e4 f e | d2d | d4 dr d | d2 c4 | d2d |] @^+5 rp | b4 e d | c2d | a4 d c | ( b2d | b2 ) g4 | f2d |] LT: Net soos ek is, O Lam van God, ek kom. a4 a a | g2d | g4 g g | f2d | b4- g+ f | e2 a4- | d2d ofd |] L: Net soos ek is, net soos ek is, O Lam van God, ek kom. ------------------------------------------------------------------------

To run M-Tx, you also need MusiXTeX, musixlyr and PMX, all available as Debian packages.

Author: Dirk Laurie <>

Package version:0.30a-3


Bugs fixed in M-Tx 0.30a:

1. Lyrics adjustments under -m generate output which causes PMX errors.  
   (Reported by Eric Petersen) 
2. Too-short bar after pickup not diagnosed, causing problems later.
   (Reported by Barry Gold) 
3. Correctly nested slurs generate error message.  

Diagnostics in general now more informative.



This is M-Tx 0.30, a beta test release of a music-from-text translator,
written by Dirk Laurie (


The M-Tx package contains a description of the M-Tx language and a 
preprocessor that converts it to the PMX language.  The description can 
be printed if you have access to one of the following: 
  1. A HP Laserjet-compatible printer.
  2. A Postscript printer.


           Frequently Asked Questions

Before I answer your FAQ, just ask yourself mine:

Q0:  Are you using PMX 1.3 and MusiXTeX at least T.73?
A0:  If not, many M-Tx 0.25 (and later) scores will fail.
     For some of them, there are workarounds below.


Q1.  The notes are squished together near the left margin.
Q2.  The lyrics are printed on the bottom line of the stave.
Q3.  [][][][]


m-tx (0.30a-3) frozen unstable; urgency=low

  * debian/rules:
     - m-tx now also depends on tetex


M-Tx: Changes in specification

- @< and @> uptext adjustments

- Word on C: line may st


This package was debianized by Anthony Fok on
Sun, 10 Aug 1997 23:26:06 -0600.

It w


M-Tx 0.30: List of known bugs on 1997-11-06

1.  The Turbo Pascal source is not distributed, as it 

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