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Midnight Commander - A powerful file manager.

Midnight Commander is a feature-rich file manager. It has mouse support in a linux console and in an xterm. It started as a Norton Commander clone but now it is far superior to it. Among other things it can do FTP, includes a hexeditor, comes with an internal editor which can be invoked separately as 'mcedit' and lets you do most system administration tasks. Browsing, unpacking and installation of Debian packages is possible by just pressing enter on a *.deb file. Handling of other archive formats like rpm, zip, zoo and tar.gz is equally supported. This version comes with undelete for ext2 filesystems compiled in.
Package version:4.1.27-1bo1


This is the Debian Linux prepackaged version of the GNU Midnight Commander
file manager.  GNU mc was written by Miguel de Icaza and others (see FAQ).
There are several mailing lists related to mc at:

Send a message with the word "help" in the body to get instructions.

This package was debianized by Paul Seelig <> 
on Tue Apr  1 14



  Intro text
  Midnight Commander editions
  Where to get more information
  The Midnight Commander
  Obtaining the Midnight Commander
  Reporting problems.

This is version 3.5 of the Midnight Commander, a free Norton Commander
Clone with many useful features. The Midnight Commander comes with
mouse support on xterms and optionally on the Linux console.


            Writing scripts for Midnight Commander's external vfs

IMPORTANT NOTE: extfs is not officialy released and fully bug free
in 3.0! You have been warned. If you would really like to try it,
you can (by typing make install.extfs in the vfs directory).

Starting with version 3.1, the Midnight Commander comes with so called
extfs, which is one of the virtual filesystems. This system makes i


                     Solving keyboard related problems
                               with XTERM


Version 3.5

- New hotlist code.
	- The bookmark code has been completely revamped and now it suppo


                              Midnight Commander


mc(1)                                                          mc(1)

       mc - Visual shel


mc(1)                                                          mc(1)

       mc - Visual shel

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