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print multiple pages per sheet on PostScript printer

Mpage reads plain text files or PostScript documents and prints them on a PostScript printer with the text reduced in size so that several pages appear on one sheet of paper. This is useful for viewing large printouts on a small amount of paper. Uses ISO 8859.1 to print 8-bit characters.
Package version:2.5-6


This is a fix to mpage that makes it work with ArborText called "mfix".

To compile it just type: 

cc mfix.c -o mfix

To use this as a fix to mpage, just pipe the mpage output through stdin and it will
send the corrected output to stdio.. 

For example, try it on the file "", by typing :

mpage -2 -P | mfix | lpr

and the file should be sent to the printer..

Note: This program mig



Mpage is a program to reduce and print multiple pages of text per
sheet on a PostScript compatible printer.
It also has limited functionality to do the same with postscript files itself.

The following are some of the files you should receive in the Debian package:

     fix                    Fix to mpage that makes it work with ArborText
     All.chars              Test file contai


User visable changes

Version 2.5 November 1997
- Support for A3 paper

- dvips output should work better now. Note: figures might still
  go wrong and some dvips file still fail...

- Included mergeps program to merger two postscript files.
  See Contrib/mergeps.txt for details.

Version 2.4 September 1996
- option -b to select papersize. This


Landscape misorder from TeX/dvips to mpage
    When (La)T


MPAGE(Printertool)                                MPAGE(Printertool)

       mpage - print mu


mpage (2.5-6) unstable frozen; urgency=low

  * make mp and psprint executable

 -- Adrian Bridgett 


Nov 1997	Marcel J.E. Mol
    - Small hack to improve dvips handling. Hope this solves


Current Bug List:

- Processing Framemaker input (request from: delorme@panda.ceng.

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