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Typeset music scores with TeX

This is MusiXTeX version T.89 (March 24, 1998). This package contains the MusiXTeX macros, musixflex, MusiXTeX User's Manual in LaTeX source and DVI formats, and example source MusiXTeX music score files.

MusiXTeX is a set of versatile and power TeX macros to typeset polyphonic, orchestral or choral music. It allows very fine control and produces professional printed music scores.

Due to the important amount of information to be provided to the typesetting process, coding MusiXTeX might appear to be awfully complicated, especially for beginners. Therefore, it is recommended to use MusiXTeX with some pre-processors, such as ABC2MTeX, PMX, M-Tx and GNU LilyPond, all available as Debian packages. Visit the GMD Music Archive at <> for more information.

Changes: - T.89 musixcho.tex corrected to produce even lyrics line spacing - T.88 correction to \centerbar and "vertical mode diags" - T.87 added \breve, \longa, \maxima, \wq (with spacing) - T.86 bug corrected in xlshu* half slur fonts (new pk's and new - T.85 invalid character errors with extreme slope braces bypassed - T.84 choir square braces allowed around a unique staff - T.83 musixflx revised by Joel Hunsberger; slur inversion enhanced. - T.82 optional width of ledger lines and optional dot after "volta" numbering - T.81 naturals always before final signature with changecontext - T.80 possible inhibition of naturals at signature change - T.79 dotted slurs (thanks to W. Icking) - T.78 allowed up to 9 lines in each staff - T.77 added octave bass and treble clef symbols - T.76 added subbass clef and french violin clef (thanks to W. Icking) - T.75 musixcho.tex and musixdoc.tex corrected

Authors: Daniel Taupin <> Ross Mitchell (Australia) Andreas Egler <>

Package version:1:0.89-2


musixtex for Debian

Dear music lover:

  Welcome to the wonderful world of music typesetting!
  This is the Debian package of MusiXTeX (Daniel Taupin's version).
  Hope you enjoy producing beautiful music scores with MusiXTeX
  and related packages!


To read the MusiXTeX manual:
  * Copy the file /usr/doc/musixtex/m


This is the README file for MusiXTeX example music scores, excerpt from
the MusiXTeX T.73 User's Manual (pp. 96-97) on Sunday, July 13, 1997
by Anthony Fok <> for Debian GNU/Linux.
To try out the examples, mkdir a new directory and copy the files
and gunzip them there.  For example, to compile the music scores for
Ave Maria, run the command:
    musixtex avemaria.tex
or, if th


musixtex (1:0.89-2) frozen unstable; urgency=medium

  * debian/rules:
     - Upgraded to standards version (no changes).
     - musixtex now also depends on tetex-base (>= 0.9-5) 
       and conflicts with tetex-base (<< 0.9).
     - musixtex-doc now also depends on postscript-viewer.
  * Modified postinst and postrm to work with teTeX 0.9 / Web2C 7.2:
     - Removed all the *ugly* kludge


Subject: MusiXTeX version T.89
New version T.89 of MusiXTeX available at anonymous ftp:


This package (musixtex) was debianized by Anthony Fok <>
on Mon, 14 Jul 1997 07:55:17

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