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A public domain version of the Korn shell

PD-ksh is a mostly complete AT&T ksh look-alike (see NOTES file for a list of things not supported). Work is currently underway to make it fully compatible with both POSIX and AT&T ksh (when the two don't conflict).

Since pdksh is free and compiles and runs on most common unix systems, it is very useful in creating a consistent user interface across multiple machines. For example, in the CS dept. of MUN, pdksh is installed on a variety of machines including Suns, HPs, DecStations, pcs running Linux, etc., and is the login shell of ~4500 users.

Package version:5.2.13-3


Version 5.2.13

* bug fixes
    * functions: $0 in sh-style functions is now the same as the shell's $0.
    * .: fixed possible core dump on clean up.
    * test: a lone -t argument now does a isatty(1) test if not in posix mode.
    * alias: PS2 no longer printed when expanding alias foo="cmd; ".
    * set/typeset/getopts: can have options prefixed with both + and -.
    * typeset -f: now reprod


KSH(1)                      User commands                     KSH(1)

       ksh - Public domain Korn shell

       ksh [±abCefhikmnprsuvxX] [±o option] [ [ -c command-string
       [command-name] | -s | file ] [argument ...] ]

       ksh is a command interpreter that is intended for both inter‐
       active  and  shell  script  use.   Its  command language is a


Thu Jun 15 11:02:06 NDT 1995 Michael Rendell (

	* made pdksh-5.2.3 distribution

	* c_ksh.c(c_whence): search keyword table if vflag set.

	* tree.h(DOVACHECK): new define.
	* eval.c(expand): check DOVACHECK flag.
	* exec.c(execute): when calling eval(), or in t->evalflags.
	* syn.c(get_command): set evalflags to DOVACHECK instead of DOASNTILDE.

Wed Jun 14 09:27:19 NDT 19


pdksh (5.2.13-3) unstable; urgency=low

  * Rewritten copyright file

 -- Mark Baker <


Mon Oct 27 12:38:05 NST 1997 Michael Rendell (

	* made pdksh-5.2.13 distrib


This is the GNU/Linux prepackaged version of pdksh, a public domain clone
of the AT&T Korn shell..


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