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the plan9 text editor -- ed with a gui and multi-file editting

sam -d can be used without X (with an ed-like interface -- but with more powerful regexpressions, the capacity to edit multiple files with a single command, and unlimited undo). Files can be added to an exiting sam session using the B command.

sam without the -d option is an graphical editor with pop-up menus and a point+click interface. You'll want to read sam's manual page to use the full power of sam, but you can probably figure out how to do basic editting with a minimum of trial and error.

If you have a Plan 9 terminal, you can use the Plan 9 terminal with sam to edit unix files, but not vice-fersa; the Plan 9 authentication scheme does not honor remote execution requests from a non-Plan 9 system.

Package version:4.3-5


sam for DEBIAN

(1) man pages have been editted for their new locations, but not renamed,
renaming happens at binary-arch: time (this is nicer for diff).

(2) sam is a bash script, to allow sam to do the right thing when X
is not available.  The binary is named sam.real.  bash is used so
that ps and pidof display "sam" rather than "sam.real".

(3) the Makefiles talk about de


This directory contains a single useful file named sam.unix.
It is a shar file containing an X-windows version of sam
suitable for use on Unix systems.  Simply copy the file
to a Unix system and run it through a Bourne shell to unpack
it.  The README file in the root directory contains the
collected wisdom of many installations.

When you have sam running on your Unix system, it is possible
to run


 * The authors of this software are Rob Pike and Howard Trickey.
 *		Copyright (c) 1992 by AT&T.
 * Permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this software for any
 * purpose without fee is hereby granted, provided that this entire notice
 * is included in all copies of any software which is or includes a copy
 * or modification of this software and in all copies of the supporting
 * docume


SAM(1)                                                        SAM(1)

       sam - screen edi


FONT(5G)                                                    FONT(5G)

       font, subfont - 


KEYBOARD(5g)                                            KEYBOARD(5g)

       keyboard - how t


UTF(5G)                                                      UTF(5G)

       UTF, Unicode, AS


BITMAP(7g)                                                BITMAP(7g)

       bitmap - externa

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