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Threaded News reader (fast for slow links)

Slrn is a threaded news reader with color support that is designed to read news fast over slow links.

Slrn can read news via NNTP or directly from a local news spool, and its companion program, slrnpull, can manage a local news spool for you. Slrn also has GroupLens support.

Slrn can be heavily customized from its rc file, and even includes a built in macro language. There is also support for killfiles and article scoring.

Package version:


The GroupLens support should work on most Unix systems.  It may even
work for OS/2 or VMS.

For information about GroupLens, see

Edit src/slrnfeat.h to enable support for GroupLens,

The next step is to create a file called .grplens in your home
directory.  This file must contain lines such as:

PSEUDONYM your-pseudonym
BBBHOST grouplens.cs


Using slrn with dialup systems

Slrn needs to periodically connect to the network to download
new descriptions of newsgroups. If you are using slrnpull, it
needs to be run periodically to download the local news spool.
Depending on your situtation, you may want to have these run from
cron jobs, or place commands in /etc/ppp/ip-up to run them when you
connect to the n


Special notes:

    For Offline reading, see the slrnpull subdirectory.

    VMS users:   Read doc/VMSNOTES.TXT.  Also use VMSMAKE.COM and note
                 that  names like .jnewsrc should be read as jnews.rc, 

    OS/2 users:  Read doc/README.os2 and use the makefile 
                 called Makefile.os2 (in src/)
    The man page is rather old.  Be sure to read the sample sl


-*- mode: text; mode: fold; -*-
The purpose of this note is to provide some instructions on extendin


See QUICK_INSTALL for minimal installation instructions.


-*- text -*-
This is the slrn FAQ.

Send comments, suggestions, or corrections to


SLRN(1)                                                      SLRN(1)

       slrn - An easy t


slrn ( unstable; urgency=low

  * Install properly if ppp is not installed (#7817).

 -- J

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Download slrn_0.9.3.2-2.deb

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