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Electronic mail transport system.

Smail is the recommended mail transport agent (MTA) for Debian.

An MTA is the innards of the mail system - it takes messages from user-friendly mailer programs and arranges for them to be delivered locally or passed on to other systems as required.

In order to make use of it you must have one or more user level mailreader programs such as elm, pine, mailx or Emacs (which has Rmail and VM as mailreaders) installed. If you wish to send messages other than just to other users of your system you must also have appropriate networking support, in the form of IP or UUCP.

Package version:


#ident	"@(#)etc:$Id: hosts.allow,v 2.5 1998/05/13 15:44:29 woods Exp $"
#	hosts.allow - tcp_wrappers / libwrap.a control
# For more information see hosts_access(5) and hosts_options(5) from tcp_wrappers.
# Note that I'm assuming you compile tcp_wrappers with '-DPROCESS_OPTIONS'....
# The live version of this file is available through the following URL:


How to get a multihomed Smail?

  In these days it seems to be neat having multihomed sites. This is
  common mostly with webservers serving a bunch of companies on only
  one host. This is of interest especially for internet providers as
  they don't have to put down one machine for each customer.

  A multihomed mail server would avoid misuse of addresses since use


#a sample xinetd.conf entry
service smtp
	socket_type	= stream
	protocol	= tcp
	wait		= no
	user		= root
	server		= /usr/sbin/in.smtpd


These are the sample configurations distributed with the standard
Smail distribution.  The compiled-


#ident "@(#) README,v 1.2 1990/10/24 05:19:51 tron Exp"

Configurations under this directory are for


#ident "@(#) README,v 1.2 1990/10/24 05:19:53 tron Exp"

This directory contains the configuration f


#ident "@(#) README,v 1.2 1990/10/24 05:20:13 tron Exp"


README - info about the /usr/lib/smail


#ident "@(#) README,v 1.2 1990/10/24 05:20:54 tron Exp"

This director contains the smail configurat

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         [DIR]var/ (3)  41013+ mirrors

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