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An X Window System Japanese Chess (Shogi) Board.

XShogi provides an XWindows interface to the Japanese Chess (Shogi) playing program GNU Shogi. XShogi can also be used as an interface for a game between two humans and as an X client for the Internet Shogi Server.
Package version:1.2p03-4


Ok, here is my try for a challenge button within xshogi.
There are still some problems, but I think it can be used if you regard
the following things:

In order to invoke a two display game, do the following things:

   1. invoke xshogi
   2. press the Challenge Button
   3. enter the name of the display (you should be allowed to connect
          to this display)
   4. press the Force Button


    GNU XShogi can now serve as an Internet Chess Server (ISS) client!
    Positions received from the ISS are graphically displayed
    on the XShogi board. In a match, you can move the pieces
    by moving it on the graphical display. If observing a game,
    each observed position is displayed graphically.

    Start the program with
         xshogi -iss True 
    or in debug mode (in case of 


xshogi(6)                                                  xshogi(6)

       xshogi - Xt/Athena user interface for GNU Shogi, version 1.1

       xshogi [ options ]

       xshogi  provides  an X11/Xt/Athena Widgets user interface for
       GNU Shogi.  With xshogi you can play GNU Shogi, set up  arbi‐
       trary  positions,  force variations, or watch xshogi manage


xshogi (1.2p03-4) frozen unstable; urgency=low

  * Added Debian menu support.

 -- Brian Mays <bria


Changes of XShogi will are recorded starting with XShogi 1.0 patchlevel 10.

version 1.2 patchlevel 


This is the Debian GNU/Linux prepackaged version of xshogi, the X
Window System interface to GNU Sho

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