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fast, scalable, distributed revision control system

Git is popular version control system designed to handle very large projects with speed and efficiency; it is used mainly for various open source projects, most notably the Linux kernel.

Git falls in the category of distributed source code management tools. Every Git working directory is a full-fledged repository with full revision tracking capabilities, not dependent on network access or a central server.

This package provides the git main components with minimal dependencies. Additional functionality, e.g. a graphical user interface and revision tree visualizer, tools for interoperating with other VCS's, or a web interface, is provided as separate git* packages.

Package version:1:



	GIT - the stupid content tracker


"git" can mean anything, depending on your mood.

 - random three-letter combination that is pronounceable, and not
   actually used by any common UNIX command.  The fact that it is a
   mispronunciation of "get" may or may not be re


git-core for Debian

When setting up a server, there are several things to
configure to make everything work nicely together.  All this is optional.

1. Run a git-daemon.  This allows people to use a git:// URL to access your
repositories.  This package provides the git-daemon program, to enable a
git-daemon service, additionally install the git-daemon-run packa


Contributed Software

Although these pieces are available as part of the official git
source tree, they are in somewhat different status.  The
intention is to keep interesting tools around git here, maybe
even experimental ones, to give users an easier access to them,
and to give tools wider exposure, so that they can be improved

I am not expecting to touch these myself that much.  As far


This is a sample program to use 'git-blame --incremental', based
on this message.

From: Jeff King <


Please see contrib/fast-import/git-p4 for a better Perforce importer.


To syntax highlight git's commit messages, you need to:
  1. Copy syntax/gitcommit.vim to vim's synt


GIT-ADD(1)                   Git Manual                   GIT-ADD(1)

       git-add - Add fi


GIT-AM(1)                    Git Manual                    GIT-AM(1)

       git-am - Apply a

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Download git-core_1.5.6.5-3+lenny2~bpo40+1_i386.deb

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