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library for validating mail senders with SPF

libspf2 implements the Sender Policy Framework, a part of the SPF/SRS protocol pair. libspf2 is a library which allows email systems such as Sendmail, Postfix, Exim, Zmailer and MS Exchange to check SPF records and make sure that the email is authorized by the domain name that it is coming from. This prevents email forgery, commonly used by spammers, scammers and email viruses/worms.
Package version:1.2.5.dfsg-5+lenny1~bpo40+1


Libspf2 is an implementation of the SPF specification as found at
or doc/draft-mengwong-spf-00.txt

Libspf2 is in beta testing and should only be used in production
systems with caution.  It has not been widely compiled and tested on
machines with different operating systems, CPU architectures, or
network configurations.  It has not be


libspf2 (1.2.5.dfsg-5+lenny1~bpo40+1) etch-backports; urgency=medium

  * Security rebuild for etch-backports to fix CVE-2008-2469 (buffer overflows
    in DNS response parsing)

 -- Gerfried Fuchs <>  Wed, 22 Oct 2008 11:02:43 +0200

libspf2 (1.2.5.dfsg-5+lenny1) testing-security; urgency=high

  * [CVE-2008-2469] 50_dns_resolv_bufoverflow.dpatch: Fix buffer overflows
    in DNS r


2004-04-09  Wayne Schlitt  <

	* More docuementation on the API

	* Example programs for the API are available in bin/spf_example

	* The code has been cleaned up enough so that it now compiles
	  cleanly with the gcc options "-W -Wall -Wmissing-prototypes
	  -Wwrite-strings".  On many systems it also compiles cleanly with
	  -ansi/-std=c89/-std=c99, but there are too many pr


TODO items (somewhat in priority order)

* need to add better credits:
  * manu <at> (Em


This package was debianized by Eric Dorland <> on
Sun, 04 Jul 2004 19:00:36 -0400


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