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Yet another window manager. This the next step after AfterStep.

Written by Alfredo Kojima ( almost from scratch, it's better looking and faster than AfterStep, and resembles OpenStep more closely. It's also easier to configure than most other window managers, and the final goal is to produce a window manager that doesn't require editing of configuration files. Window Maker is fast and doesn't require tons of memory to run. This release *attempts* to upgrade smoothly from 0.14.1-7 (the one in hamm), but the clip icons are going to be lost.

It's not quite finished yet, but it's notheless usable. It lacks a pager, but on the other hand it sports an integrated Fiend alike application, the Clip. Window Maker doesn't have "virtual desktops" but instead of that, it has "WorkSpaces" and "Layers".

It's suggested that you install Joost Witteveen's menu package, as it enhances the usefulness and usability of Window Maker on a Debian system greatly. menu will automatically update the desktop menu every time an application is added or removed from the system. It can also be used to manage other parts of this window manager.

The wmaker-superfluous and wmaker-traditional packages have disappeared because newstyle and superfluous are now start-time options.

This is compiled with --enable-sound. The induced overhead is very small and wmaker will work even without a sound card installed. You'll need WMSound for this to work.

Package version:0.20.3-5


WindowMaker for DEBIAN

This is Debian GNU/Linux's prepackaged version of Window Maker, yet
another window manager, written mostly from scratch by Alfredo Kojima
in an attempt to provide as much of the useful OpenStep functionality
as possible under X11.  It is the natural step after AfterStep.

There are some changes in the paths, added support for Debian menu
system, impro



 		  The WindowMaker Prerefences Application is the preferences "editor" for the WindowMaker window 
manager. It can be used to set most of the preference options of WindowMaker
and define it's applications menu. It also can change some settings 
that do not belong to WindowMaker. 

    Although is designed to be easy to use,


		       Window Maker X11 Window Manager


		      	     Alfredo K. Kojima 

			 	 Dan Pascu

		       	      Matthew Hawkins

		Congratulations! You have purchased an extremely fine
	device that would give you thousands of years of trouble-free 
	service, except	that you undoubtably will destroy it via some 
	typical bonehea


The file named menu is the menu in the plain text file format. The files
named menu.?? (?? are 2 c


NEWS for veteran Window Maker users

--- 0.20.3

Icon (miniwin


WindowMaker FAQ
the latest info


geticonset(1x)                                        geticonset(1x)

       geticonset - get


getstyle(1x)                                            getstyle(1x)

       getstyle  - dump

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