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	These are the tools that are used to generate DLL jumptable libraries.

	The stuff under doc is some documentation that describes it
all.  If you have groff, you can format this document in
postscript/dvi/ascii/whatever and get a nice printout.  If I feel like
uploading a large file, I may leave the postscript version in that
directory before packing the distribution.  The README.* files explain



The following C structures illustrate how the dynamic linking works
(these are copied from __load.c).  There are essentially two phases to
the dynamic linking.  First we go through and fix all of the __GOT_
entries and the jump table and once we have done this then we go and
fix places where the address of variables is used as an initializer
for a variable.

	The functions __dynamic_resolve and __


box  ht  1.5i  wid 6i rad 0.2 fill 0.4 box ht 1.5i wid 6i rad 0.2
fill 0 at last box.c ‐(0.1,0.1)

DLL Tools With Linux Version 2.17

 Written by David Engel, on or about 12 Dec 1992

Rewritten by Eric Youngdale (

to cover DLL, 30 Jan 1993

boxwid=6.2i boxrad=0.2

1. Introduction 1.   Introduction  The  most  difficult  ta


$Revision: 1.5 $

This is a line-editing library.  It can be linked into almost any
program to provi


Sat Feb 25 23:57:37 1995  Eric Youngdale  (eric@localhost)

	* utils.c, Bump version to 2


1) Get rid of as many fixed size arrays as possible.  Use obstack,
malloc or alloca as required.

Browse inside dlltools_2.17.orig.tar.gz

         [DIR]dlltools-2.17.orig/ (7)

Download dlltools_2.17.orig.tar.gz

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