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This is a distribution of NASM, the Netwide Assembler. NASM is a
prototype general-purpose x86 assembler. It will currently output
flat-form binary files, a.out, COFF and ELF Unix object files,
Microsoft 16-bit DOS and Win32 object files, the as86 object format,
and a home-grown format called RDF.

Also included is NDISASM, a prototype x86 binary-file disassembler
which uses the same instruction t


This directory contains the necessary files to port the C compiler
``LCC'' (available by FTP from in the directory
/computing/programming/languages/c/lcc) to compile for Linux (a.out
or ELF) by using NASM as a back-end code generator.

This patch has been tested on lcc version 3.6.

To install:

- Copy `' into the `src' directory of the lcc tree.

- Copy either `lin-


Change log for NASM

0.90 released October 1996

First release version. First support for object file output. Other
changes from previous version (0.3x) too numerous to document.

0.91 released November 1996

Loads of bug fixes.
Support for RDF added.
Support for DBG debugging format added.
Support for 32-bit extensions to 

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